Mr Thibeault needs to go to energy minister school

Ontario Energy Minister Thibeault: listening to the earbuds, not really in the know on energy
Ontario Energy Minister Thibeault: listening to the earbuds, not really in the know on energy

Ontario’s Energy Minister Glenn Thibeault was in Port Hope February 8, 2017 and delivered a speech to the local Chamber of Commerce.  Based on a few of his quotes appearing in the local paper, Northumberland Today, he needs basic training in the electricity system. Clearly, he doesn’t get it.

The article said, “Except for one question from the floor at the Port Hope and District Chamber of Commerce event, all of the queries from chamber members to Thibeault were solicited and chosen prior to his arrival.” I guess he needed help from bureaucrats in the Ministry to ensure he could answer the questions!

Looking at one of the Minister’s quotes along with a message from his speech, one is blown away by what appears to be either ignorance or fabrications he thinks ratepayers will believe.

“Thibeault supported the refurbishment of nuclear power plants in Ontario, a 30% source of power in this province, he said.”  Nuclear refurbishment was approved prior to Thibeault’s appointment so that’s a meaningless message.  But it also failed to deliver the correct facts!

According to IESO, while the capacity of nuclear was only 30% it produced 61% of total generation in 2016 and 67% (91.7 TWh) of Ontario’s total demand of 137 TWh (terawatts).

The quote that makes absolutely no sense is his remark, “We really have built the system of the future with yesterday’s dollars,” he said.”   Was he suggesting “yesterday’s dollars” were money in the bank already? If so,

Why have electricity rates risen over 100% under this government?

Why does Ontario have the highest electricity rates in Canada?

Why does Ontario have the fastest rising rates in North America? And

Why were almost 567,000 households (12% of households) in arrears on their electricity bills as of December 31, 2015?

We could go on and on about the damage done to the electricity system in the province by the current government meaning, the Thibeault’s claim “yesterday’s dollars” were used to “build the system of the future” is either a bogus boast or an outright lie.

The time has come for the Minister of Energy to admit his and his predecessor’s mistakes, and get some basic training.


3 thoughts on “Mr Thibeault needs to go to energy minister school”

  1. Teebow(my spelling) is in way over his head on this portfolio…..nothing more than a purveyor of bafflegab from his pack leaders!
    As far as basically vetting questions, that alone should be more than enough of a CLUE that he and his cohorts haven’t got one.


  2. Is this article a joke? Is it possible that a Minister could say such trash?
    Where can our grandson starting High School apply for the position?


  3. Hey there Winds got to go… thanks for your support… your right about strength in numbers … not just here in DD but all across this beautiful province of Ontario… these wind companies don’t care about the damaging effects of living in close proximity to IWTs….or the economic hardship they are causing…… they will continue with this project here in DD and Amherst Island and the others….. suspension of future projects are not cancellations of future projects..
    Our councillors that went to Toronto to meet with Energy Minister Glenn Thibeau….
    ya they heard our concerns …
    they were really concerned that we were concerned that they were concerned about us being so concerned!!! Another meeting was promised with the energy minister Glenn Thibeau when he was in the London area…. which has been this week….. no contact by the Glenn at all yet…. probly forgot!!!! He has a lot of important things to do…. like staged meetings with soft pre-approved questions only!!!
    So…. now that we have done our due diligence in voicing our rights as citizens to our government….
    Had a democratic public municipal referendum with 84% .opposition to this project…..
    Declared our municipality a NON WILLING HOST
    Told the Minister of Energy……. NO THANKS
    Told the Premier Wynne …… NO THANKS
    Presented 1822 individually signed legal opposition documents to the Premier…
    Went to the Minister of Energy and personally said NO THANKS….
    So now we sit here in DD on Death Row……
    Inveridiots have scheduled their public meeting for March here to inform us how we are going to do this project against our will…..
    Winds got to go……. this is every Ontarions opportunity to stop this insanity before we are physically….. mentally…. and financially ruined for generations… I’ve lived here in the big DD most of my life and I don’t want to go anywhere else…. so now my government won’t listen to our municipal officials or the good people of DD or ontario and we’re supposed to just sit by and take it in the keister and not say a word…. not on my watch…
    All residents of Ontario need to gather at Amherst Island and block off that project right at the ferry docks.. all Ontarions need to physically lock arms with your neighbours and fight this BS right at the point of contact…. pick a dock… pick a road… pick a street and physically blockade these projects with cars …trucks… farm equipment… boats… bikes. .. hay bales…. tires… anything you can drag there to blockade….. they can not arrest all of us although I’m sure premier wynne will try cause that’s what dictatorships do to bad actors!!!
    Personally I’m so surprised that Richard … Barbara…. Parker… Sommer….et al…. haven’t been detained and or “disappeared” yet for opposing so strongly to the projects and informing the general public of what is really happening…..
    We will fight you from the back roads….
    We will fight you from the fields…
    We will fight you from ditches….
    We will fight you from our Woodlots..
    We will fight at all costs till we can fight no more…
    This will be my last post on this site as the time has come for the redoubt to begin…….
    Keep safe and never ever let your beliefs or vales be taken from you…. in the end it’s all you really have…


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