4 thoughts on “Hydro rates gone wild: presentation at Green Beanery, May 30, Toronto”

  1. In just 4 short days we have sold at below market value enough hydro to supply ………….
    (Drum roll here please)
    Three hundred and twenty thousand …….!!!!!
    Ontario homes with free hydro for ONE month……
    This should be front page news for Tuesday’s papers….
    I bust my butt working so hard to make a living and these goofs just give it away like it’s funny or something!!!
    Now if you don’t have intermittent or unreliable IWTs surrounding your home …. ole katty wynnde is gonna drive a hi speed electric train that no one can afford to ride through your back yard …. if you don’t like it….. $#@×÷ £×$!!!!
    It’ll all be funded thru the global adjustment on you hydro Bill!!!!!
    Here we go Again!!!!


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