Wind power waste not healthy for Ontario

A few days ago (July 11, 2017) Ontario’s Minister of Health and Long-Term Care Dr. Eric Hoskins issued a press release saying 131 hospitals would receive $175 million for “repairs and upgrades”.  That’s an average of $1.3 million per hospital to be doled out, apparently because the Wynne government finally produced a “balanced budget”.

The press release states: “Funding from the province allows hospitals to make critical improvements to their facilities, including upgrades or replacements to roofs, windows, heating and air conditioning systems, fire alarms and back-up generators.”

One wonders if Minister Hoskins ever chats with Minister of Energy Glenn Thibeault who doles out money to industrial wind turbine (IWT) developments at a pace that would make his $1.3 million per hospital look like small potatoes!   In the first six months of 2017, the bill to Ontario ratepayers was approximately $1.089 billion for accepted and curtailed industrial wind.  That works out to approximately $475,000 per turbine … for six months!  (That assumes there are about 2300 turbines with an average capacity of 2 MW or megawatts currently operating in the province.)

Also in the first six months of 2017, grid-connected and distributor-connected IWT collectively generated 6,143,000 MWh and curtailed 1,906,000 MWh* according to IESO data and curtailed estimates by Scott Luft.  That means the cost per grid-accepted MWh was about $177 or 17.7 cents/kWh! If the next six months are similar to the first six, each average 2-MW wind turbine will cost $950,000** generating or curtailing the intermittent and unreliable power they are famous for.

Those wind turbines require back-up by gas plants and frequently cause the spilling of hydro power and the steam-off of nuclear plants. The costs of these grid managing activities to ratepayers easily drive the costs per turbine well past the hospital repair allocations.

Kicking the can down the road under the Fair Hydro Act will see the foregoing incredible waste of ratepayer dollars accumulate within OPG, and result in rate increases as high as those we have experienced over the past 10 years, once 2021 arrives.

Try to imagine how much better our health care system would be with that estimated annual waste of $2 billion ($40 billion over the 20-year terms of the contracts) allocated towards health care instead of handing it over to mainly foreign industrial wind developers.

The time has come to stop signing those contracts!

Parker Gallant

* The average curtailed wind for the first 6 months of 2017 was 23.6% and for May was 43.8%.

** This assumes accepted generation is paid $140/MWh and curtailed wind is paid $120/MWh.

Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

5 thoughts on “Wind power waste not healthy for Ontario”

  1. The time has also come for the Ministry of Health to enforce the Radiation Emitting Devices Act and measure infrasound radiation in peoples’ homes, where turbines were placed too close and are causing harm to their health. These turbines need to be turned off until this government can prove that infrasound radiation is not harming rural residents.
    If people knew the truth about how data was manipulated in order to frighten them with alarming predictions of catastrophic global warming/climate change events and thus rationalize this gross expenditure on mitigation efforts, they would realize why spending all of this money on industrial scale wind turbines, that are turning rural neighbourhoods into unsafe environments, is such a ridiculous waste of money.
    Thank you Parker for questioning whether the Minister of Health ever communicates with the Minister of Energy. They have been begged by people who have been/are being harmed to work together and make the necessary changes in light of information that is steadily being revealed on these matters and yet they fail to make critical assessments and necessary changes. Is it incompetence or is it downright criminal?

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  2. Relating health costs to electrical waste costs was an excellent way to wake up the sleeping public to the costs of wind turbines. Hidden are the increased medical cost by rural residents consulting their doctors for relief from infrasound, shadow flicker, etc..
    Sommer’s excellent article above tells of another face to the corrupted provincial government that the many dismiss as “Oh well, that’s politics”.
    Thank you Parker.


  3. I’ll ask again to anyone… even you Mr. Minister of Energy….

    At this moment we are producing just over 19000 MW ….
    Our Ontario demand is just over 20000MW….
    We are importing hydro….
    And….. we are exporting 1309 MW of hydro…..

    How can we keep exporting when Ontario needs that power????

    Are we as hydro one ratepayers guaranteeing any minimum contracts to any American states???


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