Sickening: Wellington Times editorial on Ontario’s wasted power

Rick Conway of the Wellington Times in his editorial of August 16th has done a great job at highlighting the way the current government of the province have messed up the electricity sector and how they are trying to increase the mess.

He points out how we are exporting our surplus power, in part due to the unreliability of wind and solar generation.

He has kindly referenced yours truly in the article and it is much appreciated.

Find the “Dots” article here:

Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

3 thoughts on “Sickening: Wellington Times editorial on Ontario’s wasted power”


    Lets talk about the secret deals to Michigan and NY…. several times this summer… Ontarios energy maxed out the system and we were in negative energy situation… with imports included this equation we were still exporting excessive 2000MW/hr PLUS… for hours at a time…. this should be the number one election issue in 2018…. unless Sunny Justin Treadeau and ole Katy wyndds decide to remove rural votes from the election!!! Dont laugh folks… they already stripped your rights to oppose any of their “Green acts”


  2. I don’t know the nature of that hydro deal with Quebec but if OPG can draw on that when they want, effectively it becomes fill-in for the wind/solar fiasco. Yes expensive but less expensive that the power it’s filling in for!


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