Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration-The Grand Finale

Those who have read the first five Phases of this series will recognize many of the P-CEC “collaborators” are connected to the Ivey Foundation and/or Bruce Lourie the “President” of the foundation.  They are connected by either or both; interaction with Mr. Lourie himself or via donations from Ivey Foundation directly or via the University they are associated with.

Those members of the P-CEC identified as connected, in previous articles are:  Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, Intact Centre on Climate Adaptation, Smart Prosperity Institute, MaRS Discovery District, Evergreen and Future Cities Canada, Adaptation to Climate Change Team (ACT), Trottier Family Foundation, CESAR (Canadian Energy Systems Analysis Research), and the Ivey Foundation.

Let’s have a look at a “collaborator” where Bruce Lourie has considerable influence:

Ivey Foundation—a P-CEC “collaborator” 

If one examines the Ivey Foundation’s December 31, 2018 annual report on page 8 they have included a summary of their grants by two categories, one of which is “Environment and Conservation”.  Their total grants in 2018 of $2.331 million were all allocated to that category. For the years 2016, 2017 and 2018 of total grants awarded ($8.038 million), 90% reputedly went to donees in that category!

A review of the CRA Charities listing for the Ivey Foundation over four years (includes 2015) suggests approximately $2.273 million in grants were specifically allocated to six (6) of the P-CEC collaborators either directly or via the associated university they are aligned with. One of the other “collaborators”, the Trottier Family Foundation (based on CRA info) appears to have contributed $4.691 million to some of the collaborators on a direct basis; eg: Ivey Foundation and Evergreen or to universities associated with some of the other “collaborators”.

A Bruce Lourie charitable Foundation he created and presumably directs (he is listed as a “director” in filings with the CRA Charities) is the Clean Economy Fund (CEF) which doesn’t appear to have a website. This “Foundation” was formerly called Summerhill Foundation* and was basically inoperative for several years but suddenly came alive in 2016/2017 and since then has received grants from the Ivey Foundation ($823.9K), the Echo Foundation ($514K),  The J. W, McConnell Family Foundation ($320K), another “collaborator”–Trottier Family Foundation ($225K) and the Donner Canadian Foundation ($708.7K).  Based on the limited information available from the CRA files it appears approximately $976K was used as grants by CEF for three (3) of the “collaborators” over four years.

The Ivey Foundation also donated funds to the recently sprouted; “The Transition Accelerator” (TA) affiliated with Carleton University. Bruce Lourie is a director and Chair of the Board along with Stephen Huddart, President and CEO of the McConnell Foundation (see above).  The McConnell Foundation provided large donations to Evergreen, a P-CEC collaborator but the CRA filings disclosed only a small donation to Carleton University in 2016 of $70K but they’ve committed $500K for 2019-2020.  In the case of the Ivey Foundation, Carleton University has received $1.225 million in donations since 2015 with the bulk in 2018. The TA identifies two other supporters as, Edmonton Community Foundation and CESAR, a P-CEC collaborator.  Findings like the latter make it hard to follow the money.

Bruce Lourie, collaborator, environmental thought leader and global expert on sustainable energy

Should one be inclined to wonder about the above fawning attributes to Bruce Lourie a simple google search of his name produces biographies attributing the foregoing to him. The first descriptor is certainly spot on but if you are inclined to be a “denier” of AGW, climate change or a “climate emergency” the first noun describing his attributes should prove to be a concern.

One of his biographies had this to say: “Lourie initiated the campaign to shutdown coal-fired power plants in Ontario—the single largest climate action in North America.” Based on that claim alone it is obvious Lourie wields considerable power within the ranks of certain politicians and their advisors with many of the latter now key unelected players in the governing Liberal Party.  We all must not forget Lourie was a leader of the GEAA (Green Energy Act Alliance), instrumental in getting Ontario Energy Minister, George Smitherman to develop the GEA leading to acquisition of unreliable and intermittent renewable energy raising the cost of electricity in Ontario by well over 100% since its 2009 passing.

As suggested in Phase One of this series it seemed likely, because of Bruce Lourie’s influential nature, he was the logical one bringing the “collaborators” together under the umbrella of the Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration, former Minister of Energy and Climate Change, Catherine McKenna appeared to want. I leave it to the reader to agree or disagree.

No matter if one believes or doesn’t believe Lourie was the orchestra leader in this, we should all expect any research from the collaboration will result in increased cap and trade taxes and other negative repercussions. Those will destructively impact Canada’s taxpayers and its economy!

NB: Should you wish to view Bruce Lourie’s legion of creations/connections where he sat as a director or advisor, etc. and those where he currently holds a position as director, advisor, etc. refer to Appendix A!

*This entity was mentioned in a 2012 article written by the author titled “Bruce Lourie’s Spider Web Grows and catches more Prey and Tax Dollars” and contained a web of his connections/influences.

**“Efficiency Canada evolved out of the 20-year-old Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance (CEEA), an industry association comprised of companies that sell energy efficiency products and services.”


Appendix A

Bruce Lourie’s Creations, Directorships, Advisory roles and University affiliations

Creations: Lourie’s creations are many and start with “Summerhill” which is three entities; a for-profit, Summerhill Group Inc., a not for profit, Summerhill Impact and a charity, Summerhill Foundation, now called Clean Energy Fund.  He also founded CEGN (Canadian Environmental Grantmakers Network) which had recent name change to; Environment Funders Canada. He is also credited with founding the Sustainability Network and the Canadian Energy Efficiency Alliance.**

Directorships, past and present: Lourie was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Ontario Power Authority (since merged with IESO) by the McGuinty led Ontario Liberal Party as well as to IESO and the Trillium Foundation.  All three of those entities were owned by the taxpayers of Ontario.  Other Board appointments include:  The Philanthropic Foundation Canada, Canadian Institute for Clean Growth and Climate Change, Environmental Defence (also as President), Consultative Group on Biological Diversity, a Honourary Directorship of the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment and as an advisory Board member of the Canadian Energy Research Institute. Lourie is also identified as a Board member of Boreal Songbird Initiative which is US based out of Seattle, Washington.  This latter directorship is ironic as Lourie is an advocate for renewable energy in the form of industrial wind turbines which has a bad habit of killing birds.

Advisory Positions, past and present: Lourie is/was a member of the World Wildlife Funds Climate Advisory Committee, an adviser on Canada’s Ecofiscal Commission, strategic adviser to the Sustainability Network, an advisor to Tides Canada and the McGuinty led OLP named him as an adviser on their Climate Change Advisory Panel.

Other Lourie claimed kudos: Another recent bio notes Lourie is a guest lecturer as the Said Business School at the University of Oxford and a senior fellow of the Smith School of Business and adjunct professor of the school of Public Policy at Queen’s University


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