Parker Gallant Unmasks The Architects Of The Green Energy Scam

I was once again invited to be on the Marc Patrone show on radio station Newstalk Sauga 960 AM to discuss the recent event announcing the creation of the “Task Force for a Resilient Recovery”.  While the principal chat was about the foregoing Marc and I covered other related issues dealing with the energy sector.  It is a 12 minute segment posted here:

Parker Gallant Unmasks The Architects Of The Green Energy Scam


Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

5 thoughts on “Parker Gallant Unmasks The Architects Of The Green Energy Scam”

  1. Unfortunately we need a membership to hear this.
    I’m sure it was awesome and I look forward to more unmasking and more reveals.

    Keep up the awesome ‘journalism’


  2. I have been following you for years and never knew you were from my native county. PEC luckily avoided the wind turbines sprawling over its beautiful rolling landscape. Unfortunately, I live down on Lake Erie now in a pristine historic village with 4 humongous turbines starting at 750 metres from my home. They are an eyesore as you come into Port Dover, 500 ft. high as you look west towards the once beautiful cliffs of Dover along Long Point Bay, a biosphere reserve. We also have the eyesore to look east towards Port Dover with the sprawl of IWT’s littered on the shoreline. It’s hard to even enjoy a sunrise or sunset now. I can’t believe the madness of Gerald Butts continues now at the federal level influencing Trudeau and the rest of the Liberals. Why do they not even understand what a mess has already been created in Ontario? Most Liberals I do know have turned a corner, but they don’t realize the Party itself has not!


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