Industrial Wind Turbines Flat-line

My friend Scott Luft posted on his Twitter account how IESO reported wind, on July 21, 2020 at hours  11 AM and the following hour of 12 PM credited IWT with generating:

“2 MW output for 2 hours”.


Noting the foregoing intrigued the writer to have a look at the “peak” Ontario Demand for those two hours.  According to IESO hour 11 had a peak demand of 17,591 MWh and for hour 12 it increased to 17,874 MWh.  For both hours IWT generation represented about 0.01% of demand.

IWT “capacity”* of approximately 4,800 MW represents about 12% of total grid connected capacity and all they could deliver in those 2 hours was 4 MWh or 0.01% of demand!  I suspect they would have drawn more power from the grid than they generated just to keep their lights on in those turbines and their electronics working.

For some reason eco-warriors such as the Gerald Butts’s and Bruce Lourie’s of this world were able to convince the naïve former ruling Ontario Liberals, McGuinty and Wynne, that IWT’s and solar panels were the solution to solving the unproven claims associated with the perceived “climate change” forecasts of the UNIPCC!  The GEA was the creation they believed would save Ontario from global warming by loading up on wind and solar at rates well in excess of the market! Ontario ratepayers know how well that worked out!

The prior McGuinty/Wynne buy-in has cost Ontario ratepayers and taxpayers billions of dollars and will continue unless the Ford led government enacts legislation to cancel the contracts or amend them to stop the bleeding.

*Grid connected wind capacity posted by IESO, for an unknown reason, does not include several larger developments as Scott Luft notes in the tweet cited above.

Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

2 thoughts on “Industrial Wind Turbines Flat-line”

  1. Keep in mind that any time that these turbines are not running, residents on whose properties the audible tonal, swooshing and whomping noise as well as the low frequency noise, acoustic pulsations/infrasound radiation trespasses…are enormously relieved!
    Yes, these long term contracts need to be cancelled!

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