One week of bad news suggests Canada is on the way to becoming the next Venezuela

For most common-sense Canadians, the past week or so has been distressing as the provinces and federal health officials have pushed the envelope about the increased cases of Covid-19. Our activities have been restricted and events such as Thanksgiving parades, Christmas parades etc. have been cancelled.  As if to make matters even worse, the Justin Trudeau led minority government keeps spending our tax dollars in a wasteful way and receive support from the NDP, led by Jagmeet Singh and his Rolex watches. Time is running out and we can’t afford his and Trudeau’s socialist dreams!

Canadians are probably wondering what the actual outcomes of the “reset” emanating from the Throne Speech; will be, as the signals in it suggest the record spending over the last six months will continue.  On top of that we have witnessed some emerging news about past budget spending related to grants for electric vehicles, the coming Clean Fuel Standard tax, a potential tariff on imports, cessation of the WE scandal investigation, disturbing news about the World Wildlife Fund and very recently an announcement about the banning of single use plastics.  Let’s quickly examine a few of those!

Electric Vehicle related spending:

The past week was full of news about how our Federal Liberal Government and Ontario’s Provincial Government is and will continue to spend our tax dollars to electrify us.  We heard the 3-year $300 million Federal program handing out $5K subsidies to new buyers of EVs had blown through 62% ($186 million) of the budget in just the first year and they will, no doubt, top it up.  Additionally the Feds are spending $130 million to build charging stations and if that wasn’t enough the Feds and the Province of Ontario got together to hand out $590 million of our tax dollars to save 3,000 jobs at Ford Canada so they can manufacture EVs.  The latter works out to be almost $200K per job. Interestingly the WEF (World Economic Forum) noted “producing an electric vehicle contributes, on average, twice as much to global warming potential and uses double the amount of energy than producing a combustion engine car.”  Based on the foregoing from the WEF Ontario will see its emissions increase which appears to fly in the face of the objectives of both governments. Will that mean carbon taxes will increase beyond the legislated $50/ton and will those taxes only apply to those of us driving an ICE (internal combustion engine) automobile?  Will those driving ICEs continue to pay gas and/or diesel taxes to ensure our roadways are maintained with pavement generated from fossil fuels?  Why are EV buyers granted money from us taxpayers but don’t pay for road upkeep? 

A solution I would recommend is that EVs must use charging stations powered by the intermittent and unreliable generation from wind and solar which cost Ontario ratepayers and taxpayers billions. Much of what wind and solar generates for Ontario’s electricity grid is exported to NY and Michigan at a fraction of its cost so eliminating that cost from our electric bills might offset a portion of the present carbon tax and the upcoming CFS (clean fuel standard) estimated to cost the average family $440 per employed person! As a matter of interest “net exports” to NY and Michigan from Ontario in 2019 were 15.7 TWh (terawatt hours) or the average annual consumption of about 1.7 million Ontario households. The cost to Ontario’s ratepayers and taxpayers just for 2019 was approximately $1.7 billion!

Liberals’ ‘supercluster’ program is not very super:

Back in February 2018 Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development announced the 5 groups named as part of the $950 million program that would use our tax dollars to create  “a made-in-Canada Silicon Valley” to add billions of dollars to the GDP, get businesses to invest heavily in research and development – and create 50,000 jobs. One of those picked for the cluster was none other than the MaRS Discovery District (MDD), a charity owned by Ontario’s taxpayers and originally created by former Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty. Readers will recall Ontario taxpayers bailed them out of a large real estate deal a few years ago. MDD’s CRA filings for the past 5 years indicate they received $115 million from Ontario’s taxpayers and another $9 million from the Federal taxpayers.  If one examines the Federal Government’s files for “Grants” however, it indicates MDD were the beneficiaries of $26.1 million in grants since the Liberals gained power and additionally have been awarded $2.1 million in contracts and several of them were “unspecified” as to amount(s) contracted for. Time for the CRA to do an audit! 

The recent news from the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) about the “supercluster” suggests spending has lagged and its unlikely the government will meet its economic growth expectations. The PBO noted the government had only funded $30 million by March 2020 end and $18 million of that went to pay “operational and administrative” costs.  We taxpayers should be pleased in this case that the money allocated is less than budgeted but if MDD is typical of the members of the cluster perhaps the Trudeau led Liberals are finding other ways to hand them our tax dollars 

Will the Trudeau led government impose import tariffs:

 A recent article by Jack Mintz in the Financial Post raises an interesting question that could result in future inflation and loss of private sector jobs. He noted U.S. Presidential Candidate Joe Biden if elected President; “will impose carbon adjustment fees or quotas on carbon-intensive goods from countries that are failing to meet their climate and environmental obligations.” As we Canadian taxpayers have seen; the imposition of “carbon taxes” the results of “renewable energy” and the upcoming “Clean Fuel Standard” along with the planned “single use plastic ban” have and will continue to drive up our costs of living and make our businesses less competitive. Canada imported $44.8 billion in goods from China in 2019 and as China gets 70% of its energy from coal most of those imports (including solar panels) have a carbon intensity at a higher level than Canada. The IEA recently noted: “one of every four tons of coal used globally, is burned to produce electricity in China.”  By buying solar panels from China, along with the other goods we are doing the opposite of helping to reduce emissions globally and additionally it results in harming the Canadian economy.

So, the question becomes, what could the Trudeau government do to offset the rising costs (they imposed) in order to meet our carbon reduction targets. I guess we could act like Joe Biden and levy a “carbon adjustment fee” and raise the cost of everything we import from China and elsewhere including imported oil from Saudi Arabia that feeds our Eastern Canadian refineries, etc. etc.

The foregoing begs the question, why is the Trudeau Liberal government so intent on the destruction of Canada’s economy?

Let’s ban single use plastics and save the world from climate-change:

Well, our informed Federal Government, once again believe they can impose restrictions on Canada that will save the world from the impending disaster (sarcasm intended) ie: “climate change” by banning single use plastics! The current Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Johnathan Wilkinson, has recently told us so; echoing the Throne Speech which stated: “The Government will ban harmful single-use plastics next year and ensure more plastic is recycled. And the Government will also modernize Canada’s Environmental Protection Act.”  Wilkinson’s announcement identified six types of single-use plastics which were; shopping bags, straws, stir sticks, cutlery, six-pack rings and certain take-out containers in his plan to adopt a “circular economy”.  Wilkinson suggested local stores would provide customers with paper bags or reusable ones. The push-back was immediate and surprisingly came from the CBC where they pointed out with facts; replacing plastic shopping bags with paper ones would actually increase Canada’s carbon footprint and reusable bags are definitely “potential bacteria carriers”.

Once again, this announcement and plan from the Justin Trudeau Liberals will not only further damage the fossil fuel industry but it will also drive up Canada’s emissions. This government seems incapable of doing a cost/benefit study to determine the validity of their misguided agenda and instead want to see the Canadian economy implode even further than the “pandemic” has caused!      

The U.S. Government has halted funding to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

A recent US investigation disclosed how WWF and other conservation groups ignored atrocities associated with anti-poaching guards implicated in human rights abuses in South Africa but the MSM ignored the news.  The U.S. cut their promised funding by just over US $12 million. Interestingly enough the news on the UN Summit on Biodiversity held just over a week ago was picked up the MSM and our PM, Justin Trudeau, got lots of attention as his commitment was to protect “25 per cent of Canada’s land and 25 per cent of the country’s oceans by 2025, and hitting the 30 per cent mark on both fronts by 2030.”  WWF Canada boasted how they got Trudeau to join their “Leader’s Pledge for Nature” and were delighted with his commitment. Now while the U.S. recently cancelled funding for WWF, Canada’s Federal Liberal Government have handed out WWF’s Canadian branch almost $12 million via 42 grants since the Liberals gained power. It seems quite co-incidental the former CEO of WWF Canada was none other than Gerald Butts who left his position in 2012 to become the political advisor to Justin Trudeau.

Perhaps the RCMP should be charged with doing a little investigation into some of the goings on since the Liberals gained power.  They might just uncover some interesting stuff!

National Geographic award Trudeau their “Planetary Leadership Award”:

As if to top off all the weekly bad news for Canadians, National Geographic decided to grant our PM an award that “recognizes a world leader who has successfully established globally significant protected areas, such as national parks, wilderness areas, or marine reserves, that are fully shielded from exploitation. Immediately after that was announced launched a petition telling National Geographic to rescind it because “you shouldn’t give awards to people who build pipelines”. Their founder Bill McKibben was crucified in the Moore documentary “Planet of the Humans” that decimated all renewable energy with an emphasis on biomass where McKibben was a big supporter.

Most Canadian taxpayers would be delighted if Trudeau had actually built even one pipeline. Despite not admiring or their fixation on labelling the current environment a “climate emergency”, I believe most Canadians would agree our PM doesn’t deserve this or any awards or accolades.

Drain the Swamp:

Hopefully the highlighted events occurring here in Canada emanating from our democratically elected governments awaken Canadians to what is actually going on. The time has come to push back and remind those we elected what our values are!  Drain the swamp now, before Canada sinks to the same status as Venezuela!

Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

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  1. Your solution is priceless; it will keep many cars off the road – when the wind isn’t blowing, when the sun isn’t shining, when it is raining/snowing. A perfect environmental solution for those who truly care….. or not.


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