California power grid teeters as EV demand strains supply

I was a guest this morning on 960 AM SAUGA radio on the Marc Patrone show. We talked about California and the problems they are experiencing due to a heat wave which has caused the ISO (Independent System Operator) to issue warnings about potential brownouts and asked people to avoid charging their EVs during certain hours.

We also discussed solar panel trash, the promise of hundreds of thousands of jobs if we tackle climate change according to a report out of Simon Fraser University and what the carbon tax is doing to our Cost of Living in Canada.

You can listen to the podcast here starting at 1:08:48.


Or if you subscribe to NEWSTALK CANADA you can listen


Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

2 thoughts on “California power grid teeters as EV demand strains supply”

  1. Also learned that Texas is suffering big-time from a serious heatwave and it appears that the local elec power oligarchy has been influenced to go heavy on renewables, but they can't meet the current demand. However, they have also influenced many residents to buy a particular thermostat that appears to be able to be controlled by a central system.   you need cooler air conditioning- not allowed…..???? How scary is that????-Will u  freeze in the winter if they have similar conditions to past winter. and they have again not properly maintained their gas generator system?


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