Quebec has joined the BOGA(man), Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance

When first viewed, the word “BOGA” created mind thoughts of things like, boogieman, bafflegab, the Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, etc. etc.  Looking further clarified it as the acronym for a COP 26 creation known as “Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance”!

The article where “BOGA” appeared was dated November 11, 2021 and headlined as; “COP26: Denmark and Costa Rica launch ambitious alliance to phase out oil and gas”. The article went on to state: “Led by Costa Rica and Denmark, the Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance (BOGA) saw six full members, France, Greenland, Ireland, Quebec, Sweden and Wales, announced at COP26 today“ and further stated; ‘Each member will commit to ending new licensing rounds for oil and gas exploration and production. They must also set an end date for oil and gas production and exploration that is aligned with Paris Agreement objectives.“  Reading further it disclosed California and New Zealand also joined the alliance as associate members and Italy became a ‘Friend of BOGA’.

Looking at the two founding countries of BOGA is interesting:

Costa Rica generates 72% of its electricity from hydro, almost 15% from geothermal sources, 12% from wind and a small amount from biomass and solar.  Costa Rica consumes just under 10 TWh (terawatt hours) of electricity annually. (NB: For context, Toronto Hydro delivered almost 24 TWh in 2020)

Denmark’s electricity consumption in 2019 was 33.7 TWh.  Generation from fossil fuels and waste was 20% (7.4 TWh), wind was 57% (19.2 TWh), solar 3% (1 TWh) and the balance came from net imports. Up until very recently Denmark held the # 1 spot as the EU country with the highest electricity rates but they recently were relegated to 2nd place by Germany.

The other issue with Denmark is related to their purpose in creating BOGA! They are home to the world’s biggest wind turbine manufacturer, Vestas, the fourth largest employer in Demark with 29,000 employees. Denmark is also home to the world’s top developer of offshore wind farms, Orsted. It seems obvious why Denmark played the major role in creating BOGA as those two companies will reap the benefits going forward and the Government will reap the rewards from any jobs created as Denmark also has the highest personal tax rates in the EU.

As if to exacerbate the BOGA affect, Denmark’s Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities Dan Jorgensen, in early September announced they were looking for partners in respect to their plan to construct a $34 billion manmade “energy island” and hundreds of “offshore industrial wind turbines” to help the country achieve “climate neutrality by 2050.”  Missing from the equation and braggadocio of Denmark’s Jorgensen, was how those “hundreds of offshore industrial wind turbines”; kill birds and bats, affect marine life or how they will be recycled when they reach their end-of-life.   As demonstrated by countries around the world many parts of those IWT along with solar panels will simply be buried as has continually happened with those fiberglass turbine blades.

Costa Rica, the other co-founder of BOGA, as noted above, appears to generate 100% of its electricity from renewable sources and one can easily find articles supporting that fact.  Funnily enough, despite those commendations about renewable electricity for Costa Rica their main import is “refined petroleum” which in 2019 was $1.52 billion.  An article in the Guardian from 2017 headlined: “All that glitters is not green: Costa Rica’s renewables conceal dependence on oil” went into considerable detail including the fact “renewables make up less than a quarter of the nation’s total energy use.”  The article went on to note an “explosive growth in private vehicles is causing more than just pollution. Traffic in the capital, San José, has become almost unmanageable, with the city earning the worst ranking for congestion in Latin America, according to a study by the navigation app Waze.”

The foregoing suggests things are not as they appear despite the “back slapping” at COP26 associated with powering the electricity sector with industrial wind turbines, solar or hydro. Those few locations around the world fortunate enough to have been graced with an abundance of hydro power by mother nature like Costa Rica and the province of Quebec should not be critics of those less fortunate.

Apparently, it is perfectly acceptable to claim you are going all out to push the “renewable energy” button while you import oil to refine it, as Quebec does, or import it in a refined state as Costa Rica does, or in the case of Denmark, extract it for sale to others.

The obvious hypocrisy of the whole UN COP 26 climate conference is easily exposed from just this small segment of what those 30,000 Glasgow attendees developed over the two-week event.

Dialing the temperature up or down is beyond the control of humankind except to a very small extent as many scientists (not invited to attend COP 26) have stressed in various peer reviewed studies over many years. 

We should all be afraid of the UNIPCC “BOGA man”!

Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

3 thoughts on “Quebec has joined the BOGA(man), Beyond Oil and Gas Alliance”

  1. Nothing but “dezinformatsiya” from the Climate Hysterical Complex, and here is why:
    PV = nRT (Ideal Gas Law)
    How can 4 ‱ CO₂ instead of 3 ‱ CO₂ change T? 
    Answer: (44 ➗ 32) ✖ E-04 
    This is 0.00014 ℃ due to density change, if all increase of CO₂ is human caused. In reality, it is around 25% of the increase (Ed Berry). The rest is from natural sources, primarily from the Oceans.
    CO₂ has higher heat capacity (8.7➗7.0) than O₂, and this reduces the increase that is due to density change (1.37↑ vs 1.24↓ or 0.13). Result: 0.000014 ℃. Balloon data (Connolly & Connolly) has proven that the Ideal Gas Law is valid, and that the atmosphere is in thermodynamic equilibrium.
    There is no “greenhouse effect” by gases. Fine water droplets can absorb IR radiation and slow down radiation to space. Hot, hazy nights provides examples of this effect. Deserts are arid, and temperatures drop rapidly at night, sometimes to below freezing temperature.
    Energy transfer is always from warmer to colder. This means that “back radiation” by CO₂ cannot heat the lower atmosphere. This is stipulated by The Second Law of Thermodynamics.
    Temperature variations are cyclical as proven by mathematical analysis of temperature data (Carl-Otto Weiss & Lüdecke).
    The near surface average temperatures (within 1 ℃) of planets with gaseous atmospheres is determined by pressure and distance to the Sun. Atmospheric composition does not matter. This is proven by data from NASA space probes. See Zeller-Nikolov and Robert Ian Holmes.
    All the hysterical climate predictions have failed to come true, yet ridiculous new ones are invented and spread by the scientifically illiterate media and their “journalists”. Taxpayer funded media is the worst offender for polluting the minds of people with “excretum bullis”.
    The Media cannot be trusted in any topic.

    “We know they are lying.
    They know they are lying,
    They know that we know they are lying.
    We know that they know that we know they are lying.
    And still they continue to lie.”

    -Alexander Solzhenitsyn


  2. Excellent outline of the sham promises from the latest Cl Ch conference. There will be much more of same….


  3. Parker wrote: “The obvious hypocrisy of the whole UN COP 26 climate conference…..”

    As another poster wrote elsewhere, the alternate (or correct?) name for COP26 is “The Hypocrisy Festival”.

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