Wind Generation in the middle of the night wastes ratepayer and taxpayer dollars

Today, November 26, 2021 at 3 AM the wind was blowing and those IWT (industrial wind turbines) generated 3,677 MWh or 81.2% of their rated capacity of 4519 MW at that hour. Ontario’s demand was low though at 12,941 MW so IESO were busy selling our surplus as total generation was 15,361 MWh.

IESO exported 1,375 MWh to Michigan, 658 MWh to New York and 578 MWh to Quebec. Those 2,611 MWh we sold went for pennies on the dollar as the HOEP (hourly Ontario electricity price) was a miserly 1.33 cents/kWh.  At the same time, one should surmise IESO instructed OPG to also spill hydro.

It is obvious Ontario didn’t need the IWT generation at that hour but they have a bad habit of generating power when it’s unneeded and fail to deliver it when demand is high during hot summer days.

So, Ontario sold the 2,611 MWh to our neighbours for the princely sum of $13.30/MWh which generated $34,726 but paid those IWT generators $135/MWh so they received $352,485 for those unneeded 2,611 MWh meaning Ontario’s ratepayers and taxpayers picked up the loss of $312,759 for just that one hour.

The full night for the 7 hours from midnight to 7 AM had those IWT generating 28,460 MWh so the likely cost to Ontario’s ratepayers and taxpayers was over $2 million for just those seven hours. 

We should all assume those IWT were also busy chopping up birds and bats and causing rural residents sleeping problems in addition to adding to the costs of our electricity bills.

Sure, would-be good news if the Ford government actually did something to reduce the costs of generating electricity other than simply transferring the costs to taxpayers and increasing our provincial debt!

Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

4 thoughts on “Wind Generation in the middle of the night wastes ratepayer and taxpayer dollars”

  1. Devastating! Wind power exceeded hydro power for those first 7 hours of the day to boot. I was told at a long term energy meeting in 2016 that wind is not suppose to be exceeding hydroelectric, but it happens a lot.

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  2. The cruel irony is that when rural residents are trying to sleep, the audible noise and sub audible pulsations also referred to as infrasound, from the wind turbines that were sited too close to and in some cases surrounding their homes, are being harmed in their own beds! This reality has not gone away.
    This is a violation of their right to safety, security and pleasure in their homes!
    The Ford government has failed to address this violation that the Liberal government created.

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    1. The property losses in the sale or attempted sale of dwellings in the vicinity to these abominations should be noted as a cost inflicted by the wind farms upon their neighbours, and should be recompensed.. It is high time to start demanding that compensation, which I think would justifiably put the whole wind turbine business OUT of business.


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