Industrial Wind Generation Demonstrates It’s True Colours

If one follows or occasionally looks at Ontario’s hourly generation and took a peek at IESO’s Generators Output and Capability Output for Sunday July 3, 2022 their immediate reaction (should they regard wind as intermittent and unreliable) might have been; “aha, as I suspected, wind is a very fickle generation source”! 

That view would have been particularly obvious if they noted; as demand increased over the opening hours of the day wind fell flat and hour 10 highlighted that failure. At that hour they couldn’t even come close to generating IESO’s forecast of 101 MW producing only 17.8% (18 MW) of the forecast.  IESO’s forecast at that hour was only 2.3% of Winds Total Available Capacity (4,485 MW) shown on the report.

The hourly Ontario peak demand at Hour 10 was 14,070 MW so wind supplied 0.13% despite its total capacity representing 13% of all of our grid capacity as reported by IESO. Those Industrial Wind Turbines did that in spite of their favourable position under the contracts giving them “first-to-the-grid” rights!  

The IESO Crysler forecast and output for this 100 MW IWT project was respectively 18 MW but only 2 MW (11% of the forecast) were actually generated. The Crysler contract (for some unknown reason) was one of the few allowed to maintain its contract status under the first Ford government’s tenure as the ruling party in Ontario despite having had considerable pushback from the county prior to and after the election.  It recently gained “commissioned” status (awarded by IESO) but as one can see it joins the ranks of the others and fails to produce power when needed or forecast.

Hour 10 clearly demonstrates one of the many failures of IWT generation proving they are both intermittent and unreliable and absolutely need to be backed up by reliable fossil fuels in the form of natural gas generation which at hour 10 was generating 1192 MW! 

All those IWT (industrial wind turbines) ultimately do is increase the price of every kilowatt hour we consume.

Hopefully the second tenure voters have granted the Ford led government in Ontario will actually result in actions by them to eliminate the privileges granted to all companies owning those IWT! That would help reduce costs to ratepayers and taxpayers and reduce the harm they cause humans living in households near them along with their devastating effect on birds, bats and other nature related effects.

Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

8 thoughts on “Industrial Wind Generation Demonstrates It’s True Colours”

  1. With the development and installation of storage facilities, the economics of the IWT will improve eg less energy dumped to Quebec and Michigan during low load periods.


    1. The intent of IWT is to eliminate the use of NG not subjugated the extraneous costs to the rate payers. What do you think the costs of storage would be to sustain the grid during times of low or no wind?

      The economics as you mentioned will never add up since economics isn’t what is powering the IWT, it’s tax payer dollars. As long as the corporations continue to grease the hands of politicians, the people will be burdened for all costs of this bogus green initiative where the health of the earth isn’t even considered.


  2. Bravo! And thank you for profiling Nation Rise. The intermittency and poor performance there should be a lesson to Ottawa, as it’s in the same general area so low wind everywhere. Thanks! Jane

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  3. Why was there no cost benefit analysis done before the incursion of industrial scale turbines on rural communities? Why after all this time, are there no storage facilities? Why are the people of Ontario being forced to subsidize the wind industry?

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    1. Two Auditors General advised the McGuinty and Wynne governments to carry out cost-benefit analysis. Never done. Why? Wind power cannot stand up to any such scrutiny.

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