Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration, Phase Five

There has been a discernible decline in interest to the posts related to the P-CEC, however, as the expression goes, “there are still more tales to tell”.  This Phase will look at two more of those on the list of “collaborators” connected to Bruce Lourie and the Ivey Foundation. It is important to understand one … Continue reading “Pan-Canadian Expert Collaboration, Phase Five”

CanREA’s Magic and PM Trudeau’s Net-Zero Target by 2050

As we have all seen and heard over the past several days our Federal Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Steven Guilbeault, has launched his plan to eliminate our emissions and reach the “net-zero” target by 2050.  Minister Guilbeault put out a “discussion paper” titled: “A clean electricity standard in support of a net-zero … Continue reading “CanREA’s Magic and PM Trudeau’s Net-Zero Target by 2050”

Strathmere Group Declaration target # 4:

Strengthen investments in renewable energy and in energy efficiency and conservation through creating new clean energy jobs and increasing prosperity through new technologies. This “declaration” went on to state: “energy security is best achieved through investment in the cleanest available energy and through ending our dependence on fossil fuels.” Needless to say, Ontario ratepayers are … Continue reading “Strathmere Group Declaration target # 4:”

Strathmere Group Part 5 (A) the Final Chapter and Declarations 1,2,3,4,5 and 6

Collaboration Amongst the US and Canadian Eco-Warrior Charities The time has come to have a hard look at the joint “Declaration” and the seven (7) objectives of the 12 Canadian and 21 U.S. “Environmental and Conservation Leaders” to determine their success in meeting their objectives when they signed it back on June 2, 2009.  We … Continue reading “Strathmere Group Part 5 (A) the Final Chapter and Declarations 1,2,3,4,5 and 6”

What (and who) is the Ecofiscal Commission (Part III)?

People in Ontario have seen some of this before … it didn’t end well Part one in this series dealt with the creation of the Ecofiscal Commission and had a short review of its commissioners (economists), advisors and funders. Part Two looked at the Chris Ragan/TVO interview with Steve Paikin and several of the claims … Continue reading “What (and who) is the Ecofiscal Commission (Part III)?”