Strathmere Group Declarations # 5 and # 6

Declaration target # 5  Declare a moratorium on industrial fishing and development in the Arctic Ocean until there is a comprehensive scientific analysis incorporating the newest information on climate change impacts and until there is a system for integrated, precautionary ecosystem-based management of industrial activities. AND Declaration target # 6 Work cooperatively with all Arctic … Continue reading “Strathmere Group Declarations # 5 and # 6”

Strathmere Group Declaration target # 4:

Strengthen investments in renewable energy and in energy efficiency and conservation through creating new clean energy jobs and increasing prosperity through new technologies. This “declaration” went on to state: “energy security is best achieved through investment in the cleanest available energy and through ending our dependence on fossil fuels.” Needless to say, Ontario ratepayers are … Continue reading “Strathmere Group Declaration target # 4:”

Strathmere Group Part 5 (A) the Final Chapter and Declarations 1,2,3,4,5 and 6

Collaboration Amongst the US and Canadian Eco-Warrior Charities The time has come to have a hard look at the joint “Declaration” and the seven (7) objectives of the 12 Canadian and 21 U.S. “Environmental and Conservation Leaders” to determine their success in meeting their objectives when they signed it back on June 2, 2009.  We … Continue reading “Strathmere Group Part 5 (A) the Final Chapter and Declarations 1,2,3,4,5 and 6”

Strathmere Group Part 5

Collaboration Amongst the US and Canadian Eco-Warrior Charities The prior article in this series dealt with just one of the many reports recommending to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on how Canada should plan to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and create jobs that would reputedly make Canada a green economic example in the world of … Continue reading “Strathmere Group Part 5”

Strathmere Group Part 4 (C)

Collaboration from Eco-warriors plus Authorship of the Throne Speech? Part 4 of this series referenced Gerald Butts and his role as one of the 15 members of the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery (TFRR).  As noted therein, TFRR released their final report “Bridge to the Future” on September 16, 2020 recommending the government commit … Continue reading “Strathmere Group Part 4 (C)”

The Strathmere Group 4 (b)

Eco-Warriors spent to Influence Voters in the last Federal election Examining the 12 members of the Strathmere Group’s financial statements filed with the CRA is an interesting exercise.  As an example, reviewing the World Wildlife Fund’s 2018 financial filings with the CRA one can see they generated annual revenue of $24.942,345.00 and looking at their … Continue reading “The Strathmere Group 4 (b)”

Strathmere Group Part 4(a)

Alanis Morrissette sang “Isn’t it ironic” and so is this! A recent CBC article by Brigitte Bureau, “Why some of Canada’s richest millennials want to pay more taxes” was interesting as it suggests those who formed “Resource Movement”, and are active within it, are motivated to “pay more taxes”!  The article highlights the Trottier Foundation … Continue reading “Strathmere Group Part 4(a)”

Strathmere Group Part 4

Collaboration Amongst the US and Canadian Eco-Warrior Charities The prior article (Part 3) provided details on the Canadian environmental “leaders” who travelled to Washington in 2009 to sign the “Declaration” with the 21 U.S. environmental “leaders”. Reviewing the Canadian “leaders” (the 10 leaders exclusive of Marlo Raynolds and Gerry Butts) current reported positions via principally … Continue reading “Strathmere Group Part 4”

The Strathmere Group Part 3

Collaboration Amongst the US and Canadian Eco-Warriors The second in this series dealt with the role Marlo Raynolds of the Pembina Institute played in the formation of the Strathmere Group.  It also outlined his ascent to power under the Justin Trudeau led Federal government despite his drubbing when seeking to win a seat as a … Continue reading “The Strathmere Group Part 3”

The Strathmere Group Part 2

Collaboration Amongst US and Canadian Eco-Warrior Charities In Part 1 of this series the formation of the Strathmere Group was outlined with only a tenuous grasp of what they were all about and how Marlo Raynolds, played the major role in its creation.  While Part 1 disclosed the McConnell Foundation granted $338,000 it didn’t disclose … Continue reading “The Strathmere Group Part 2”