Solar Panels Support Combined with Deforestation and using Farmland by Eco-Warriors is Hypocritical

The foxes are truly running the henhouse as expressed in an earlier article related to the eco-warriors and their push for renewable energy from intermittent and unreliable industrial wind turbines (IWT)! Those same eco-warriors are also sold on solar panels but once again they seem unable to grasp the very old idiom from the 1500s; “Can’t see the forest for the trees”.

One of those eco-warriors, Ecojustice, a charity who in their October 31, 2021, filing with the CRA claimed they spent $5.6 million on charitable activities and $5.5 million on compensation which respectively represents 68% and 67% of gross revenue ($8.2 million). The foregoing presumably doesn’t include the $700K spent on advertising and promotion. Quite the charity; and further claiming, “Solar and wind” power are now the cheapest sources of power on the planet” but fail to provide facts to back up the spurious claim. Seems a stretch for a charity stating they are an “environmental law charity”!  Ecojustice are the legal representatives fighting the Government of Newfoundland on behalf of the CAC (Citizens Against Clearcutting) in respect to 11 square kilometres that will be clearcut as blessed by an environmental assessment. They seem to blatantly ignore, “the rule of law”!  It seems humorous Ecojustice in a post on their website in February 2022 in the opening paragraph states: “Going vegan will save the world!” headline there’s another that warns of deforestation done in the name of soy or how much water goes into making almond milk.”  Confusion reigns supreme!

While the Ecojustice post is about “climate change” and what they are doing to end fossil fuel use, it brought to mind issues related to California who reportedly produce 80% of the world’s almonds. The article (from 2015) noted growing those almonds annually in California uses three (3) times the water the city of Los Angeles uses.  One should expect the use of that amount of water would surely impact the aquifers in a state frequently experiencing droughts!  Why not simply use the land for solar farms as much of state already does?

A later article (August 6, 2019) then the one referenced above refers to a report from Nature Conservancy suggesting, “estimates the state will need to cover an area at least twice as large as Yosemite National Park (747,946 acres) with solar panels and wind turbines” should it plan to meet its goal of 100% clean energy by 2045. The article also notes “A state law now requires water regulators to figure out how to balance their accounts so that groundwater levels stop dropping. (For the past 50 years California has been pumping far more water out of the ground than filters back into aquifers.) To comply, farmers would have to stop irrigating at least half a million acres, according to a study by the nonpartisan Public Policy Institute of California.

Along the foregoing lines, a posting on “ElectricRate.Com” on October 2022 titled “California Solar Facts in 2023” states; “California is currently the No.1 state for solar power in the U.S, with over 32 GW of solar capacity installed.“  To put that in perspective 32 GW is 32,000 MW and is currently very close to the total of Ontario’s grid connected capacity. As if to top things off California’s climate plan, (according to an article on June 23, 2022) “will need about 30 times more electric vehicles on the road, six times more electric appliances in homes to replace gas appliances, 60 times more hydrogen supply and four times more wind and solar generation capacity.“  We should be pretty sure that will require quite a few acres which could well include farmland and deforestation but it will make the eco-warriors happy!

If one then travels east in the U.S.A. to Massachusetts, you discover an article in the Boston Globe discloses deforestation has occurred as “misguided state incentives have encouraged building solar farms on undeveloped land.” The article was dated July 12, 2020, and at that date they quoted one individual who said “about 10,000 acres of the state’s forests have been cleared for solar farms“.  Interestingly Massachusetts also claims it is a national leader in solar power in the same article. The following picture and description is from the same article demonstrating how deforestation in the state is happening to create “solar farms”! Massachusetts currently has about 4 gigawatts (4,000 MW) of installed solar capacity so at 5 to 10 acres per MW some 20 to 40 thousand acres of Massachusetts land containing forests or used as farmland have been converted to generate electricity with solar panels that were probably manufactured in China.  Hard to understand how this is beneficial to humanity and will do anything to reduce emissions!

Much of a forest in Brimfield has been transformed into a solar farm

It appears a significant portion of Canadian farmland is also being covered with solar panels according to an article in the Western Producer noting; “22,500 farms nationally reported having renewable energy production on their operations, up from a little more than 10,000 in 2016”. The following picture is posted on the website of the Canadian Climate Institute (CCI) giving credence to the foregoing strongly suggesting the area covered with solar panels was formerly farmland.

As one would expect, the CIC is an outgrowth of the Trudeau government’s largesse and their 2021 report filed with the CRA indicates 98% of their gross revenue came from Government Grants (taxpayers) so naturally they fully support the push for “net-zero” emissions from wind and solar electricity generation.

The CIC is now headed up by none other then Rick Smith, a close alumnus of Gerald Butts, former Principal Secretary to PM Justin Trudeau.  Both Butts and Smith were “head honchos” of two members of The Strathmere Group back in 2009 and signatories to the agreement signed between the American and Canadian eco-warrior groups!

It sure appears obvious those eco-warriors, fully supported by the current Justin Trudeau led government truly; “Can’t see the forest for the trees”!

PS: My new computer crashed and the reason for my absense over the past couple of weeks.

Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

5 thoughts on “Solar Panels Support Combined with Deforestation and using Farmland by Eco-Warriors is Hypocritical”

  1. Polluting the world with “propellers” is not wise. Nothing grows under the solar panels. Wind and solar cannot sustain a stable grid. Large rotating masses (moments of inertia) are required. In any case, wind and solar cannot sustain themselves. Taxpayers are being fleeced.

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  2. Not to mention all the non green energy used to build her laptop or his computer. Once they’re used they either sit there riding and resting like there in California or they bury him because they can’t be recycled. So taking a thousand acres of land out of farming to build these monsters how does that make any ecosense? Amount of energy and precious metals needed to build solar panels and windmills is being Mine by children in Africa but that’s okay with you.


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