Ford gov’t drops ball on undoing Liberals green regs

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Is the Ford led Ontario Government trying to create the Circular Economy?

There are many definitions of a “circular economy” but most are similar.  Here is one: “A circular economy is an economic system of closed loops in which raw materials, components and products lose their value as little as possible, renewable energy sources are used and systems thinking is at the core.” Former Governor of the Bank of Canada and the Bank of England, Mark Carney is a big fan of the circular economy and will bring his beliefs to the UN where he will be a Special Envoy on Climate Action and Finance.

If one pays attention to the activities at Queen’s Park it seems as if each day Premier Ford’s government puts out a press release that seeks to win the support of voters whose ballot choices in the last election were for the opposition parties.  The other day it was about changes to the “Blue Box” program and today it’s about how they are “Taking Action to Reduce Electronic Waste”.      

Needless to say, the objectives of both programs appear to be an attempt to virtue signal those who believe the world will end from human waste and all the things we are reputedly doing to consume, either the necessities of life such as food (safely protected by plastic) or energy (it must be renewable).   

The latest objective is those nasty “electronic” things like, smart phones, televisions, computers, tablets etc.  In the interim due to the pandemic we are told to self-isolate; use “Zoom” to connect with friends, family and work and our children use computers or tablets to gain their education remotely. 

One of the common themes in the press releases is that the “producers” will pay up as if to suggest we consumers (us lowly voters) won’t have to pick up the costs.  If one believes that, your ignorant of the obvious—producers and/or importers of the products we consume will simply raise their prices making everything we buy more expensive.  Presently those producers pay municipalities a portion of the costs (approximately $125 million annually) associated with the Blue Box program but that will more than double and supplement the municipal tax base. We shouldn’t expect to see our realty taxes decline however as those municipalities will surely find other ways to spend that money.

The previous McGuinty/Wynne led Liberal governments did the same thing except they pushed the “GW” (global warming), theory signing wind and solar contracts because they would save us from GW.  They told us (George Smitherman when Minister of Energy) our electricity rates would only increase 1%.  We all know how that turned out as electricity rates more than doubled and Ontario lost numerous jobs as businesses moved to other locations due to rate increases.

Those wind and solar contracts the Liberals signed up will be here for as much as another 10 years. At the time the contracts expire or they no longer can produce any electricity they will have to be classified as “waste”! Those wind turbines and their fiberglass blades (each blade weighing as much as 30 tonnes) will need disposal as they are not currently recyclable!  The other question is what happens to the 30/50,000 tonnes of cement supporting each of those turbines throughout the province?  The 2,600 MW of solar panels positioned on rooftops or in farmer’s fields will also require disposal so, is that cost as well as the cost of recycling those end-of-life wind turbines going to result in another future press release telling us our politicians are “taking action”? 

While wind turbines may have some recyclable parts, it doesn’t include those blades nor does it include that cement.  In the case of solar panels an article out of Australia carried the following message about them: “The cost of recycling is higher than landfill, and the value of recovered materials is smaller than the original, so there’s limited interest in recycling. But given the presence of heavy metals, such as lead and tin, if waste is managed poorly, we’re on track for another recycling crisis.”

So, Ontarians should expect lots more waste and further costs from those wind turbines and solar panels even though Ontario’s Auditor General in late 2015 reported  “Ontarians have paid $37-billion more than market price for electricity over eight years and will pay another $133-billion extra by 2032 as a result of haphazard planning and political meddling, a report from the Auditor-General says.”

The question becomes will the “producer” of those wind turbines and solar panels simply walk away from those contracts and will Ontario’s taxpayers be obligated to pick up the costs of recycling them when they become waste?  While some of the wind contracts originally handed out required the contract parties to guarantee to remove them it’s unclear the guarantee covers recycling costs.  The other issue surrounding many of them is that the original parties sold them to many public sector pension funds so will the onus to recycle them or pay fees fall on them? If yes on the latter point, the public sector employees will look to taxpayers to supplement any shortages in their pensions. 

It seems apparent Ontario’s Premier, Doug Ford is smitten by the gobbledegook of both our Prime Minister who believes, budgets will balance themselves and those like Mark Carney.  In Carney’s case he believes all things can be recycled to avoid creating waste and is hellbent on converting us from prior economic theory that has created wealth in many parts of the world, reduced poverty levels and improved life and lifespans for billions of humans. 

These are scary times and not due to Covid-19 but to those political experiments that are taking place here in Ontario and around the world.

That circular economy in the eyes of our politicians, may make them believe they are draining the swamp but instead they are creating one that will drown us in debt!

NB:  Well today’s Press Release confirms Premier Ford is sold on the “Circular Economy” concept!  He handed Pollution Probe $375,000 of Ontario taxpayer dollars so they can scoop plastic from the Great Lakes. Pollution Probe are a charity and their 2019 financial filings with the CRA indicate they received $4,190 from “Provincial Governments” so they must be delighted they were able to lobby this government for so much more.  According to the Ontario Lobbyist Registry they are not even registered.

Pollution Probe are big fans of the Circular Economy concept as their website clearly states: 

Pollution Probe works across sectors to engage stakeholders and develop practical pathways towards a circular economy in order to cut down on waste and maximize both environmental and economic benefits

Now it appears Ford and his Minister of the Environment Jeff Yurek don’t understand that the Great Lakes are not all Ontario’s responsibility.  Eight (8) U.S. States border the Great Lakes along with Ontario but one presumes the taxpayers located in those U.S. States are not being asked to contribute to this cleanup. The Ford led provincial government are throwing money around much like our Federal Government and it is evident they believe in the same Circular Economy that our Prime Minister does.     

Pigs can fly and “Wind energy is now the lowest-cost option for new electricity generation in Canada”

Sunday October 18, 2020 was a windy day where we live so curiosity led me to have a look at IESO’s daily generator output to see how those almost 4,700 MW of grid connected wind capacity did. 

As it turned out the wind was blowing throughout the province and resulted in grid contracted wind at the point where they were running as high as 80% of their capacity.  In the 24 hours comprising that Fall day they generated about 44,400 MWh and had another almost 31,000 MWh curtailed.  Those contracts the wind developers have with Ontario generally pay them $135/MWh for grid accepted generation and $120/MWh for anything curtailed.   Combining the two costs for accepted and curtailed wind brings the combined price to $9.714 million or $218.78/MWh (21.8 cents/kWh). That cost added $26.40/MWh to the price of the 367,056 MWh Ontarians consumed for just the one day!

To make matters worse, demand on Spring and Fall days is normally lower than those cold Winter days or hot Summer days and we didn’t need the grid accepted wind but due to the contracts IESO were forced to accept it.  As a result, IESO exported almost 49,000 MWh (slightly more than accepted wind generation) and sold it at an average price of $4.10/MWh or 0.4 cents/kWh to our grateful neighbours.

I strongly suspect we were also steaming off nuclear, spilling hydro and paying idling gas plants yesterday which added additional costs but those may have been useful if the wind wasn’t blowing as is its habit on hot summer days.

For the benefit of those at CanWEA from whom I copied part of the title; “Wind energy is now the lowest-cost option for new electricity generation in Canada”,  perhaps it’s time to examine your claim!  Ontario ratepayers and taxpayers paid over $9.7 million (the visible costs) for nothing of any value. Those wind turbines were probably also busy; killing birds and bats, damaging well water and generating audible and inaudible sound harming humans.

We Ontarians all know pigs can’t fly and know wind generation is one of the highest cost options for electricity generation!

Ontario’s electricity bills reconvene their climb

The OEB (Ontario Energy Board) recently advised us our electricity rates would once again rise but they tried to soften the blow by noting rates hadn’t increased since November 2019.  They said the average household (consumption of 700 kWh) would see an increase of $2.24 a month* on their hydro bills.  The latter applies only to the actual cost of power which is about 60/65% of most household bills.  The increase was principally blamed on lower demand in the province due to the Covid-19 pandemic impact as many businesses were forced to shut down or reduced their demand.  Lower demand did not occur in most households however as many employees and others were forced to work from home meaning household demand actually increased.  The impact of the $2.24 average monthly increase translates to about $27.00 annually so is probably close to inflation rates however incomes have fallen meaning more households may now, or in the near future, experience “energy poverty” meaning 10% or more of their income will be spent to keep the lights on and the house heated.

As the rate increase notice was announced by the OEB they also offered households and small businesses the opportunity to either choose to remain on TOU (time of use) rates or to convert to the RPP (regulated price plan).  The TOU plan affords you the opportunity to consume power at lower rates during certain times whereas the RPP is a constant price (12,6 cents/kWh) up to 1,000 kWh increasing to 14.6 cents/kWh for anything above the first 1,000 kWh.  The OEB has therefore amended their “bill calculator” to allow you to enter the information from your previous bill(s) to calculate which plan would afford you the lowest monthly cost.

I would encourage all to use the OEB calculator (link in foregoing) to determine the best one to use before making the choice to stay on TOU or convert to RPP by notifying your distributor.   

It is worth noting the OER (Ontario Electricity Rebate) which reduces electricity bills of households by 33.2% will remain in place and continue to labour Ontario’s taxpayers** with a cost of approximately $5.5 billion annually.

Another support program specifically aimed at low-income households either on the verge of, or experiencing, “energy poverty” is the OESP (Ontario Electricity Support Program) which provides a direct credit to your monthly bill.  The credit you may qualify for is dependent on the income level and number of people living in the home.  An application must be completed and submitted which should be done (via the link above in the full name of the program) for those who qualify.

There is also one other support program available to individuals who are in arrears or behind on either their electricity or natural gas bill. It is known as LEAP (Low-income Energy Support Program) but it must be accessed via an “intake agency” listed on the OEB (link via the full program name above).  The amount available is dependent on similar criteria to that of the OESP.

I would encourage those who are, or know of people, experiencing difficulties to access the programs applicable. Energy poverty in Ontario’s winter climate must not happen!

*My estimate of total annual costs to households associated with the monthly increase is $120 million.

**Don’t expect the Ford Government to ever deliver on their promise to further reduce your electricity bill by the 12% announced during his run-up to the Provincial election.

One week of bad news suggests Canada is on the way to becoming the next Venezuela

For most common-sense Canadians, the past week or so has been distressing as the provinces and federal health officials have pushed the envelope about the increased cases of Covid-19. Our activities have been restricted and events such as Thanksgiving parades, Christmas parades etc. have been cancelled.  As if to make matters even worse, the Justin Trudeau led minority government keeps spending our tax dollars in a wasteful way and receive support from the NDP, led by Jagmeet Singh and his Rolex watches. Time is running out and we can’t afford his and Trudeau’s socialist dreams!

Canadians are probably wondering what the actual outcomes of the “reset” emanating from the Throne Speech; will be, as the signals in it suggest the record spending over the last six months will continue.  On top of that we have witnessed some emerging news about past budget spending related to grants for electric vehicles, the coming Clean Fuel Standard tax, a potential tariff on imports, cessation of the WE scandal investigation, disturbing news about the World Wildlife Fund and very recently an announcement about the banning of single use plastics.  Let’s quickly examine a few of those!

Electric Vehicle related spending:

The past week was full of news about how our Federal Liberal Government and Ontario’s Provincial Government is and will continue to spend our tax dollars to electrify us.  We heard the 3-year $300 million Federal program handing out $5K subsidies to new buyers of EVs had blown through 62% ($186 million) of the budget in just the first year and they will, no doubt, top it up.  Additionally the Feds are spending $130 million to build charging stations and if that wasn’t enough the Feds and the Province of Ontario got together to hand out $590 million of our tax dollars to save 3,000 jobs at Ford Canada so they can manufacture EVs.  The latter works out to be almost $200K per job. Interestingly the WEF (World Economic Forum) noted “producing an electric vehicle contributes, on average, twice as much to global warming potential and uses double the amount of energy than producing a combustion engine car.”  Based on the foregoing from the WEF Ontario will see its emissions increase which appears to fly in the face of the objectives of both governments. Will that mean carbon taxes will increase beyond the legislated $50/ton and will those taxes only apply to those of us driving an ICE (internal combustion engine) automobile?  Will those driving ICEs continue to pay gas and/or diesel taxes to ensure our roadways are maintained with pavement generated from fossil fuels?  Why are EV buyers granted money from us taxpayers but don’t pay for road upkeep? 

A solution I would recommend is that EVs must use charging stations powered by the intermittent and unreliable generation from wind and solar which cost Ontario ratepayers and taxpayers billions. Much of what wind and solar generates for Ontario’s electricity grid is exported to NY and Michigan at a fraction of its cost so eliminating that cost from our electric bills might offset a portion of the present carbon tax and the upcoming CFS (clean fuel standard) estimated to cost the average family $440 per employed person! As a matter of interest “net exports” to NY and Michigan from Ontario in 2019 were 15.7 TWh (terawatt hours) or the average annual consumption of about 1.7 million Ontario households. The cost to Ontario’s ratepayers and taxpayers just for 2019 was approximately $1.7 billion!

Liberals’ ‘supercluster’ program is not very super:

Back in February 2018 Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development announced the 5 groups named as part of the $950 million program that would use our tax dollars to create  “a made-in-Canada Silicon Valley” to add billions of dollars to the GDP, get businesses to invest heavily in research and development – and create 50,000 jobs. One of those picked for the cluster was none other than the MaRS Discovery District (MDD), a charity owned by Ontario’s taxpayers and originally created by former Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty. Readers will recall Ontario taxpayers bailed them out of a large real estate deal a few years ago. MDD’s CRA filings for the past 5 years indicate they received $115 million from Ontario’s taxpayers and another $9 million from the Federal taxpayers.  If one examines the Federal Government’s files for “Grants” however, it indicates MDD were the beneficiaries of $26.1 million in grants since the Liberals gained power and additionally have been awarded $2.1 million in contracts and several of them were “unspecified” as to amount(s) contracted for. Time for the CRA to do an audit! 

The recent news from the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) about the “supercluster” suggests spending has lagged and its unlikely the government will meet its economic growth expectations. The PBO noted the government had only funded $30 million by March 2020 end and $18 million of that went to pay “operational and administrative” costs.  We taxpayers should be pleased in this case that the money allocated is less than budgeted but if MDD is typical of the members of the cluster perhaps the Trudeau led Liberals are finding other ways to hand them our tax dollars 

Will the Trudeau led government impose import tariffs:

 A recent article by Jack Mintz in the Financial Post raises an interesting question that could result in future inflation and loss of private sector jobs. He noted U.S. Presidential Candidate Joe Biden if elected President; “will impose carbon adjustment fees or quotas on carbon-intensive goods from countries that are failing to meet their climate and environmental obligations.” As we Canadian taxpayers have seen; the imposition of “carbon taxes” the results of “renewable energy” and the upcoming “Clean Fuel Standard” along with the planned “single use plastic ban” have and will continue to drive up our costs of living and make our businesses less competitive. Canada imported $44.8 billion in goods from China in 2019 and as China gets 70% of its energy from coal most of those imports (including solar panels) have a carbon intensity at a higher level than Canada. The IEA recently noted: “one of every four tons of coal used globally, is burned to produce electricity in China.”  By buying solar panels from China, along with the other goods we are doing the opposite of helping to reduce emissions globally and additionally it results in harming the Canadian economy.

So, the question becomes, what could the Trudeau government do to offset the rising costs (they imposed) in order to meet our carbon reduction targets. I guess we could act like Joe Biden and levy a “carbon adjustment fee” and raise the cost of everything we import from China and elsewhere including imported oil from Saudi Arabia that feeds our Eastern Canadian refineries, etc. etc.

The foregoing begs the question, why is the Trudeau Liberal government so intent on the destruction of Canada’s economy?

Let’s ban single use plastics and save the world from climate-change:

Well, our informed Federal Government, once again believe they can impose restrictions on Canada that will save the world from the impending disaster (sarcasm intended) ie: “climate change” by banning single use plastics! The current Minister of the Environment and Climate Change, Johnathan Wilkinson, has recently told us so; echoing the Throne Speech which stated: “The Government will ban harmful single-use plastics next year and ensure more plastic is recycled. And the Government will also modernize Canada’s Environmental Protection Act.”  Wilkinson’s announcement identified six types of single-use plastics which were; shopping bags, straws, stir sticks, cutlery, six-pack rings and certain take-out containers in his plan to adopt a “circular economy”.  Wilkinson suggested local stores would provide customers with paper bags or reusable ones. The push-back was immediate and surprisingly came from the CBC where they pointed out with facts; replacing plastic shopping bags with paper ones would actually increase Canada’s carbon footprint and reusable bags are definitely “potential bacteria carriers”.

Once again, this announcement and plan from the Justin Trudeau Liberals will not only further damage the fossil fuel industry but it will also drive up Canada’s emissions. This government seems incapable of doing a cost/benefit study to determine the validity of their misguided agenda and instead want to see the Canadian economy implode even further than the “pandemic” has caused!      

The U.S. Government has halted funding to the World Wildlife Fund (WWF)

A recent US investigation disclosed how WWF and other conservation groups ignored atrocities associated with anti-poaching guards implicated in human rights abuses in South Africa but the MSM ignored the news.  The U.S. cut their promised funding by just over US $12 million. Interestingly enough the news on the UN Summit on Biodiversity held just over a week ago was picked up the MSM and our PM, Justin Trudeau, got lots of attention as his commitment was to protect “25 per cent of Canada’s land and 25 per cent of the country’s oceans by 2025, and hitting the 30 per cent mark on both fronts by 2030.”  WWF Canada boasted how they got Trudeau to join their “Leader’s Pledge for Nature” and were delighted with his commitment. Now while the U.S. recently cancelled funding for WWF, Canada’s Federal Liberal Government have handed out WWF’s Canadian branch almost $12 million via 42 grants since the Liberals gained power. It seems quite co-incidental the former CEO of WWF Canada was none other than Gerald Butts who left his position in 2012 to become the political advisor to Justin Trudeau.

Perhaps the RCMP should be charged with doing a little investigation into some of the goings on since the Liberals gained power.  They might just uncover some interesting stuff!

National Geographic award Trudeau their “Planetary Leadership Award”:

As if to top off all the weekly bad news for Canadians, National Geographic decided to grant our PM an award that “recognizes a world leader who has successfully established globally significant protected areas, such as national parks, wilderness areas, or marine reserves, that are fully shielded from exploitation. Immediately after that was announced launched a petition telling National Geographic to rescind it because “you shouldn’t give awards to people who build pipelines”. Their founder Bill McKibben was crucified in the Moore documentary “Planet of the Humans” that decimated all renewable energy with an emphasis on biomass where McKibben was a big supporter.

Most Canadian taxpayers would be delighted if Trudeau had actually built even one pipeline. Despite not admiring or their fixation on labelling the current environment a “climate emergency”, I believe most Canadians would agree our PM doesn’t deserve this or any awards or accolades.

Drain the Swamp:

Hopefully the highlighted events occurring here in Canada emanating from our democratically elected governments awaken Canadians to what is actually going on. The time has come to push back and remind those we elected what our values are!  Drain the swamp now, before Canada sinks to the same status as Venezuela!

Strathmere Group Part 5

Collaboration Amongst the US and Canadian Eco-Warrior Charities

The prior article in this series dealt with just one of the many reports recommending to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on how Canada should plan to emerge from the Covid-19 pandemic and create jobs that would reputedly make Canada a green economic example in the world of the “climate change” advocates.  As noted, Gerald Butts, Justin Trudeau’s “buddy” was front and centre as one of the “members” involved in the “Bridge to the Future” report.

There have been many other reports (and numerous letters) preaching the same discourse in the past several months and just one example of those issued September 2020 was “Recommendation for Recovery and Budget Actions in 2020-2021”.  It is 108 pages long and came from the “Green Budget Coalition” comprised of what they claim are “25 of Canada’s leading environmental organizations”. Ten of the members in the coalition are members of the Strathmere Group, evidence of their continued endeavour to push their 2009 Declaration!  Needless to say, the recommendations carry a similar agenda to the “Bridge to the Future” and are supported by some of the same charitable foundations. As this is a longer report their recommendations are embellished!  Needless to say, they recommend the government spend tens of billions of our tax dollars to achieve their goals.

Perhaps the time has come to look at what the June 2, 2009 Declaration aimed to achieve and try to determine their success.  The full letter with the 21 counterpart US environmental groups who also signed the “Declaration” are contained in the letter on Pembina’s website (as of the date of this article)  in this link labelled as a “Fact Sheet” should the reader wish to view it in its entirety!

Declaration signed by the 12 Canadian and 21 U.S. environmental groups:

Declaration of U.S. and Canadian Environmental and Conservation Leaders on U.S.-Canada Cooperation on Climate, Energy, and Natural Areas Conservation

On June 2, 2009, leaders from the major U.S. and Canadian environmental and conservation organizations met outside Washington, D.C. to discuss solutions and areas for coordination. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss common climate, energy and natural areas conservation issues recognizing the integration of U.S. and Canadian economies and our mutual need for clean energy job creation.

North American ingenuity can protect our deteriorating atmosphere, grow manufacturing jobs in harnessing wind and solar energy, improve our security by reducing our dependence on oil, minimize climate change’s drastic impact on human and natural communities, and protect our fragile natural areas such as the Arctic and the Boreal Forest.

The CEOs of U.S. and Canadian environmental organizations call on the United States and Canada to:

Show bold leadership on the world stage, especially leading up to the Copenhagen climate meeting, and within each country through addressing climate change head-on. Many States, Provinces and Indigenous Peoples are already showing leadership in tackling the threat to our climate system and implementing strong policies to protect it.

Incorporate climate science into policy and permitting decisions affecting natural resource management in order to best ensure that wildlife and natural systems can survive in a warming world.

Declare a moratorium on expansion of tar sands development and halt further approval of infrastructure that would lock us into using dirty liquid fuels from sources such as tar sands, oil shale and liquid coal. Tar sands oil production is the fastest growing source of greenhouse gas pollution in Canada and is having a devastating impact on Boreal ecosystems, migratory birds, and air and water quality. Pollution from production of fuels from tar sands, oil shale and liquid coal undermines gains made through fuel efficiency and other mechanisms meant to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Strengthen investments in renewable energy and in energy efficiency and conservation through creating new clean energy jobs and increasing prosperity through new technologies. A continental commitment to enhanced energy efficiency and rapid expansion of renewable energy, that minimizes impact on the natural world, is critical. Moreover, energy security is best achieved through investment in the cleanest available energy and through ending our dependence on fossil fuels.

Declare a moratorium on industrial fishing and development in the Arctic Ocean until there is a comprehensive scientific analysis incorporating the newest information on climate change impacts and until there is a system for integrated, precautionary ecosystem-based management of industrial activities.

Work cooperatively with all Arctic countries and Peoples to curb all sources of pollution of the Arctic, including from land-based sources.

Protect the North American Boreal Forest as one of the world’s last large intact wilderness forests and as a critical global carbon reservoir in its peatlands and forests.

I will leave it to the reader to initially review the 7 declarations/proposals and determine if the environmental leaders successfully achieved their goals since signing of the letter. The final chapter—Part 5 (A), will attempt to grade them on their level of success.

Stay tuned for the final chapter on this story!

PS: The “Declaration” they signed June 2, 2009 surprisingly received little publicity and the only article found referencing it, was one archived appearing in the June 4, 2009 edition of the New York Times written by Michael Burnham of Greenwire as “supplement content”.  The article makes no reference specifically to the Strathmore Group but the named environmental organizations are the same ones who signed the “Declaration”!

Strathmere Group Part 4 (C)

Collaboration from Eco-warriors plus Authorship of the Throne Speech?

Part 4 of this series referenced Gerald Butts and his role as one of the 15 members of the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery (TFRR).  As noted therein, TFRR released their final report “Bridge to the Future” on September 16, 2020 recommending the government commit to spending $55.4 billion over the next 5 years on “5 Bold moves” for a Resilient Recovery.

Is it truly coincidental that just one week later we were the recipients of the Throne Speech which effectively blessed TFRR’s recommendations? 

TFRR on their website state: “Funding for the initiative is provided by: The Jarislowsky Foundation, Ivey Foundation, The McConnell Foundation, The Schad Foundation, The Echo Foundation.” TFRR don’t disclose their financial resources, nor do the “Foundations” who provided funding disclose their donations.

Now a little background on the founding partners; Smart Prosperity Institute, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Insurance Bureau of Canada and the Ivey Foundation before looking at those “5 Bold moves” and how the Throne Speech responded to them!

Smart Prosperity  was formerly Sustainable Prosperity and “The Sustainable Prosperity Project (SP) was originated by law professor Stewart Elgie “.  “In early 2008 SP received $155,000 of additional funding from three Canadian Foundations, and was awarded $1.8 million over seven years by the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRCC) for the Research and Policy Network.”  It is based at the University of Ottawa. The above came from the McConnell Foundation who granted them $725K.  SSHRCC falls under the responsibility of Navdeep Bains, Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry in the Trudeau led government.

IISD is a registered charity and their website notes “IISD receives core and project funding support from numerous governments inside and outside Canada, United Nations agencies, foundations and the private sector.”  In a quick look at their last financial report filed on the CRA site for the year ended March 31, 2019 they generated 0.65% of their total revenue from donators requesting charitable receipts however $4,458K (17.2%) came from the Federal, Provincial and/or territorial governments and $19.8 million (76.8%) came from sources outside Canada. IISD are nothing without taxpayer support!

Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC). Their website notes: “​​​Established in 1964, Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) is the national industry association representing Canada’s private home, auto and business insurers”.  It states: “IBC’s role is to be proactive on behalf of its members. Back on October 3, 2016 they were happy the government instituted their carbon tax and made the following claim: “Climate change has brought more rain and snow, more storms, and more flooding to almost every part of the country.”

Ivey Foundation for almost 16 years has been run by Bruce Lourie. One of the many claims in his bio is “ his leadership in the phase-out of coal-fired power plants in Ontario, the single largest climate action in North America.”  There is little doubt he worked closely with Gerald Butts to make that happen and in the May 19, 2020 announcement by the Smart Prosperity Institute on the members of TFRR Bruce Lourie’s name was on the list together with Gerald Butts and Stewart Elgie of Smart Prosperity.

TFRR’s 5 Bold Moves in the Throne Speech*:

“#1 Invest in climate resilient and energy efficient buildings”: From the Throne Speech: 

As part of its plan, the Government will: Create thousands of jobs retrofitting homes and buildings, cutting energy costs for Canadian families and businesses;”

“#2 Jumpstart Canada’s production and adoption of zero-emission vehicles”: From the Throne Speech:

 “And make zero-emissions vehicles more affordable while investing in more charging stations across the country. A good example of adapting to a carbon-neutral future is building zero-emissions vehicles and batteries. Canada has the resources – from nickel to copper – needed for these clean technologies. This– combined with Canadian expertise – is Canada’s competitive edge.”

“#3 Go big on growing Canada’s clean energy sector”: From the Throne Speech:

And support investments in renewable energy and next-generation clean energy and technology solutions. Canada cannot reach net zero without the know-how of the energy sector, and the innovative ideas of all Canadians, including people in places like British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Newfoundland and Labrador.”

“#4 Invest in the nature that protects and sustains us”:  From the Throne Speech:

The Government will work with municipalities as part of a new commitment to expand urban parks, so that everyone has access to green space. This will be done while protecting a quarter of Canada’s land and a quarter of Canada’s oceans in five years, and using nature-based solutions to fight climate change, including by planting two billion trees.”

“#5 Grow clean competitiveness and jobs across the Canadian economy”: From the Throne Speech:

Climate action will be a cornerstone of our plan to support and create a million jobs across the country. This is where the world is going. Global consumers and investors are demanding and rewarding climate action.”

This cabal of unelected eco-warriors have been able to usurp Canada’s taxpayers, driving the country’s economic health into a nose-dive that will exacerbate energy poverty, create unemployment as small and medium sized corporations are bankrupted.  Further unemployment will occur as large multi-national companies shutter their Canadian subsidiaries due to high energy costs.

If the foregoing was the intention of Gerald Butts, Bruce Lourie, Stewart Elgie and those in the Strathmere Group’s cabal it appears they have our “elected” representatives in the palm of their hand and wrote a good part of the Throne Speech!  These are sad times for a once great nation.    

*Please note only a few related excerpts from the Throne Speech have been included and each of those supportive to TRFF’s report and recommendations could easily be disputed with truthful facts.

The Strathmere Group 4 (b)

Eco-Warriors spent to Influence Voters in the last Federal election

Examining the 12 members of the Strathmere Group’s financial statements filed with the CRA is an interesting exercise.  As an example, reviewing the World Wildlife Fund’s 2018 financial filings with the CRA one can see they generated annual revenue of $24.942,345.00 and looking at their expenses one notes they spent $3,640,876.00 on what are described as “Professional and Consulting Fees”.  Those expenditures represented 14.6% of gross revenues which seems very high if they are simply paying for standard accounting and legal services.  As it turns out WWF may be paying for consulting work above and beyond what would be considered standard.  As one example. just prior to the last Federal election, “WWF-Canada, in collaboration with 13 other leading environmental organizations,”* released “the responses to this Federal Party Survey on Environmental Platforms.” Here are the questions asked and the results of the survey:

It is interesting to note the small print disclosure at the bottom of the survey suggests it was “not intended to support or oppose” a platform! Under new regulations passed by the Justin Trudeau led Liberal Party in late 2018 “which would remove the existing quantitative limits on charities’ political activities” apparently is all that was needed to allow charities to develop surveys, etc. that obviously produce favourable results for the “eco-warrior”. Those charities subtly endorse the political party that align with their views, without actually naming them. 

The Conservative Party look pretty lonely with all those “No’s”!

As if the foregoing wasn’t enough it appears the Strathmere Group ventured hired a “marketing campaign” influencer: Peersway!  The Peersway website notesThe Strathmere group wanted influencers to share who we vote for matters, not just for our country but for our future and the health of our planet.”  Peersway indicate in the “case study” on their site: “The One Earth One Vote initiative was spearheaded by 12 Canadian environmental organizations but has since grown to include famous Canadians, scientists, and concerned people of all ages.  This non-partisan movement is encouraging Canadians to consider environmental issues when casting their votes in the 2019 federal election.  To date, the #OneEarthOneVote campaign has been viewed, talked and posted about more than 11 million times.”  According to the record, votes cast in the 2019 election were 17,880,600 meaning many of them were presumably reached via the Peersway “marketing campaign”!

Looking back, it appears the change in the manner “charities” are regulated by the CRA played a role in the Liberals being re-elected despite actually loosing the popular vote. No doubt the Strathmere Group members were pleased they helped the Liberals squeak out a victory.

At this time, in anticipation of the upcoming “Throne Speech”, the concern for those who are not fans of the Liberals and the Strathmere eco-warriors should be their demand for a Canadian version of the “Green New Deal”.  We should all worry what it will do to our already damaged economy. 

In the event the Throne Speech causes the minority Liberal Government to fall we will be heading for an election.  We should expect the Strathmere Group’s members will repeat their 2019 actions with that tax-free money they raise including some of it handed out by several Federal Ministries.

It’s time to remove the “charitable” status of the eco-warriors!

*Denotes Strathmere members—9 of the 12 members! “The survey represents the collective priorities of all of the following organizations: Canadian Environmental Law Association, CPAWS, David Suzuki Foundation, Ecology Action Centre, Ecojustice, Équiterre, Environmental Defence, Greenpeace, Nature Canada, Pembina Institute, Sierra Club Canada Foundation, West Coast Environmental Law Association, Wildlife Conservation Society Canada, and WWF-Canada.”

Exposing the green energy cabal pushing Trudeau’s buttons

I was kindly invited to be on the Marc Patrone show again on Monday September 21st to discuss the eco-warriors push to go “green” and what both Trudeau and Premier Ford are doing that will hurt us all. It’s kind of a forecast of a few things we might hear from Trudeau coming in the Throne Speech on Wednesday. You can have a listen to our chat here on the podcast starting at 26.12 through to 35.40:

or you can listen here: