‘Record’ Heatwave 2021 was nothing compared with 1930’s

I was on the Marc Patrone Show on Sauga 960 AM this morning to talk about the recent heat wave they experienced out west. I was inspired by a chart posted by Tony Heller which led to the interview. I sent the chart out to many and it is the one below. In addition Marc and I also discussed an article (or two) I am researching. It has to do with the incredible influence Mark Carney (former Governor of the Bank of Canada and Governor of the Bank of England) has in the world of the “climate change” religion. He holds this influence with the super rich and many naive politicians around the world who also believe mankind is reputedly responsible for such things as the aforementioned heat wave. Many of the super rich see an opportunity to become richer; is what appears to be behind this push.

You can listen to our chat for todays (July 13, 2021) podcast starting at 1:04:45 and ending at 1:22:45 here:

If you are a subscriber to NEWSTALK CANADA you can listen here:


Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

2 thoughts on “‘Record’ Heatwave 2021 was nothing compared with 1930’s”

  1. Dear Mr. Gallant
    Your Perspectives are always a good read. Thank you for doing them
    I particularly look forward to your upcoming article on Mark Carney – one of the most dangerous people in Canada. You have probably read Peter Foster’s June 5 Financial Post very critical review of Carney’s book: Value(s): Building a Better World for All. It presents very disturbing insights into the dark mind of this evil man who, as you point out has way too much influence with too many of his type around the world. It’s really frightening to get some awareness of how bad it is going to be for ordinary people in Canada and indeed around the world when these people achieve their goals. It’s not only Carney himself but also his wife who is deep into the climate change swamp with him.
    The future well-being of our country is being dreadfully compromised by these elites who have no morals or ethics but only self-interest. Trudeau and his Liberals are perfect partners for Carney’s destructive Marxian thinking. The world endured the dreadful implications of it a couple generations ago with Marx’s acolytes and useful idiots who brought so much misery and death world-wide. It is frightening to see the serpent raise its ugly head in Canada and be embraced.
    Any light you can shine on Carney and his ilk will be important. I hope will be widely circulated so Canadians can access it. But I fear that the poison has been drunk so deeply it may be too late.
    Paul G. MacLeod, St. John’s NL – anigraph@nf.sympatico.ca

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