Weekends or weekdays: wind is a waste

October 20, 2017

Proof of the need to repeal the Unfair Green Energy Act

Tuesday October 17, 2017 was a typical Ontario fall weekday with electricity demand relatively low.

Total Ontario demand for power was slightly over 335,000* MWh for the whole day, peaking at hour 19 (7 PM) at 16,318 MW, according to the IESO’s Daily Market Summary.

That hour has significance as during weekdays, it signals the time when off-peak hours start. That Tuesday, it also was the hour when the Hourly Ontario Electricity Price (HOEP) reached its high for the day, getting all the way up to $5.01/MWh or ½ cent per kWh.

All through the day the wind was blowing. Based on the IESO’s Generator Report and Capability and their “wind generation forecast” it could have produced just over 57,000 MWh — that could have met 17% of Ontario’s demand.  IESO only accepted 20,900 MWh, however, and the other 36,100 MWh were curtailed or cut back.

The collective cost of the grid-delivered and curtailed wind generation over the 24 hours was almost $7.2 million, making the cost of the grid-accepted wind $344.50/MWh or 34 cents/kWh. Also because of a surplus of generated power, Ontario exported 38,200 MWh (almost double what IESO accepted from wind generators), principally to New York and Michigan — they had to pay them an average of $1.13 per MWh to take it.

All this makes it clear: Ontario’s electricity ratepayers don’t need any of wind’s intermittent and unreliable power, but are forced to pay for it anyway. To make matters worse, that power we subsidize gets delivered to our neighbours at negative prices. Those costs wind up on our electricity bills, too.

It’s time for Premier Wynne to stop the bleeding and kill the Unfair Green Energy Act.


* Numbers are rounded

Author: parkergallantenergyperspectivesblog

Retired international banker.

7 thoughts on “Weekends or weekdays: wind is a waste”

  1. TY for you detailed effort to publish the truth.

    I recall that this gov’t made “deals” with individuals to bay as much as .65 cents /kw hr . I think it would be impactful to get an average cost to produce a solar or wind KLH to compare at how much it is costing the homeowners and businesses to subsidize this program.

    regards., Damaris Robinson



  2. It’s time we get Rid of That Blood Sucking Bitch and her Cronies before we have nothing left of our Province. In the north where the majority of our Hydro comes from, we pay higher rates than Southern Ontario. They have managed to ruin the beauty of our landscape with so many of the wind turbines, then turn around and GIVE OUR Hydro to the U.S. and not even give their own people a break.
    I can’t for the life of me understand how her and her Cronies can justify raising the minimum wage that fast and that high. It is totally ridiculous and incomprehensible from a Mom and Pop store point of view.
    Time to get a hook and drag that Ruthless, Cunning, Devious Bitch off of the podium before we have nothing left.


  3. Why are we getting requests from hydro to allow increases in our hydro rates when we are paying the US to take the excess that we can5 use? Get rid of this act and Wynn


  4. Hey Judy the minimun wage hike was necessary so that people can afford to pay their hydro… ole katy wynnde is smart like that… you know……
    cause its fairerererer!!!!
    For everyone…..


  5. http://live.gridwatch.ca/home-page.html#power-plants

    Until all Ontarians who are affected by the price of hydro realize and stand up to our government’s policy of basically giving away our overpriced hydro for nothing… when in reality we should be giving it away to our own people that have been driven into “heat or eat” situations…
    Right now 2500 Ontarians using 750 kwh of hydro or less could have had that hydro for free for one month….


  6. It’s time for her to GO! She is unreal and she makes me angry, I never voted for her and will never vote for her. She has costs us more than she is worth, time for change and a big change.


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